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Bath Pool Gym House Casual Shower Shoes

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Introducing our Bath Pool Gym House Casual Shower Shoes! Experience ultimate comfort and convenience with these lightweight, slip-resistant shoes. Perfect for various indoor and outdoor activities, they provide superb traction and support. Crafted with durable materials, they ensure long-lasting wear. With their quick-drying feature, your feet will stay fresh and odor-free. Say goodbye to wet, slippery floors and hello to a new level of relaxation. Elevate your footwear game with these versatile and practical shoes!


  • The cloud slides for women are made of lightweight and durable EVA material, which is ultra-light and non-slip. 
  • Sandals for Women adopt a unique sole design, which has a strong grip and can effectively prevent slipping on wet ground.
  • The special EVA material makes this pair of beach slipper slides have good water resistance and can dry quickly so that you can keep your feet dry after showering and swimming. 
Size Chart:

Size US Women Size US Men Size Heel To Toe (inch)
35/36 5/6 3.5/4.5 9.05
37/38 6.5/7.5 5/6 9.45
39/40 8/9 6.5/7 9.84
41/42 9.5/10.5 7/8 10.24
42/43 11/12 8.5/9.5 10.63
44/45 13/14 10/11 11.02