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Mid Top Comfy Plush Sneakers

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Grab attention without compromising on comfort with these Mid Top Comfy Plush Sneakers The plush lining inside the shoe provides an unparalleled level of comfort, cradling you in a cloud-like embrace with every step you take. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to an all-day plush experience. Pair them with your favorite jeans or dress them up with tailored trousers—these mid-top sneakers will seamlessly complement any outfit.


  • Sumptuous Velvety Fleece Upper: Step into immediate warmth and comfort when you slide into these plush check sneakers. The velvety fleece upper envelops your feet in a cocoon of luxurious softness.
  • Plush and Cushioned Inner Sole: The central sole of these sneakers is designed to be soft and cushioned, delivering unparalleled comfort throughout the day. You'll practically forget you're wearing them.
  • Feather-Light Design: Don't let comfort weigh you down. These sneakers are feather-light, allowing you to wear them at any time without feeling encumbered by heavy footwear.
  • Anti-Slip Outer Sole: Safety takes precedence, which is why our sneakers come equipped with a specialized non-slip outer sole. Walk with confidence, knowing you have maximum stability on various surfaces.
  • Premium-Quality Craftsmanship: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these Black and Red Plush Check Sneakers boast a top-notch design that guarantees durability and enduring performance.
  • Easy to Clean: Keeping your sneakers looking fresh is a breeze. They are a cinch to wash, ensuring you can maintain their pristine appearance with minimal effort.
  • Chic Check Pattern: The black and red check pattern adds a dash of style to these sneakers, rendering them a versatile addition to your wardrobe.
  • Suitable for Every Occasion: Whether you're lounging at home, running errands, or meeting friends, these sneakers are well-suited for a wide array of occasions.
  • Universal Appeal: Designed to accommodate all genders, these sneakers offer a unisex charm, ensuring they can be enjoyed by anyone seeking both comfort and style.
  • Perfect Gift: In search of a considerate and practical gift? These Sneakers make an exceptional choice for yourself or a cherished individual in your life.

Size Chart(inches):

Size Heel to Toe Foot Width
5 3.49 5.91
6 3.57 5.91
7 3.64 5.91
8 3.72 5.91
9 3.8 5.91
10 3.95 5.91
11 4.03 5.91
12 4.19 5.91