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Rabbit Comfortable Plush Sneaker Slippers

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Experience comfort and style all day, whether you're indoors or outdoors. Keep yourself relaxed and at ease in any setting with the Rabbit Comfortable Plush Sneaker Slippers a must-have for sneaker enthusiasts.


Experience the sensation of walking on clouds with our Comfy Sneaks, inspired by the cozy warmth of home. We've designed them with a unique foam-covered sole that insulates you from the cold ground, giving you the feeling of floating with every step.

But that's not all—these shoes also feature an anti-slip sole, ensuring your utmost safety while enjoying the unparalleled comfort of our 'ultimate comfort devices.'


Embrace the joy of Comfy Sneaks and make the switch from ordinary sneakers today! Stay on-trend and elevate your style with our latest Comfy Sneaks, designed for both comfort and fun. This collection is handcrafted for trendy wear, making it perfect for spending quality time with family and friends

Size Chart(cm):

Size Heel to Toe Foot Width
5 3.49 5.91
6 3.57 5.91
7 3.64 5.91
8 3.72 5.91
9 3.8 5.91
10 3.95 5.91
11 4.03 5.91
12 4.19 5.91